so i accidentally logged in here cos i’m a derp. but i’m also somebody who is evidently really quite shit at owning a second blog. currently i’m busy busy busy with exam revision and don’t really have time for this thing but eventually i might be cool here or something? i d k. anyway, if anybody is interested here is my:


in big shiny caps and all.

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catching fire dreamcast → ruth negga as johanna mason

catching fire dreamcast → ruth negga as johanna mason

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no matter what I say or do
the message isn’t getting through
and you’re listening to the sound
of my breaking heart

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despite icon change and url change (familyponding -> outfoxedly) and theme change and everything change and sudden reappearance, it’s still evie!

and nobody seems to remember me, but i suppose that’s to be expected, oops. anywho, i might do some sort of ~intro post or something. y/n/m/y?

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casting for johanna mason

people i will accept:

people i will not accept:

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on the recent dw spoilers:

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finished rereading mockingjay

somebody hold me while i sob

partly because of the fact that the epilogue exists i mean god, no. but.

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namesnotfred answered your question: okay okay so i’m dying to play in a good thg…
I love idea number three… >____>

ngl, that’s my favourite too. partly because finnick/johanna/annie (what no i’m not smushing my face into mockingjay, weeping for them all). and i think it could be the most interesting one. but i don’t know if many people would be interested enough, sigh~

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okay okay so i’m dying to play in a good thg roleplay but i cannot find a single one around that looks decent. and so i’m not saying that this will happen… but if anybody was interested in these ideas, possibly? lemme know? reposting from my personal because yeah i wanna see if people are interested. ho hum.

warning: some of these ideas are linked to catching fire and things that happen in them, so if you haven’t read them and don’t want to be spoiled, don’t read on~

idea number one → AU DURING CATCHING FIRE in which the rebels take the capitol during the quarter quell. the tributes are lifted out of the arena to find panem rebuilding itself. like in cf katniss and peeta weren’t told anything but the other tributes who were trying to get them out of the arena didn’t expect a rebellion in two that would allow for a chance to seize the capitol. and so there’s some level of distrust and anger between the tributes and the rebels, but also, y’know, rebuilding the governents and the way the whole country is run.

idea number two → FOCUSING ON THE REBELS DURING CATCHING FIRE so pre-arena communications between plutarch, haymitch, the tributes working to save katniss and peeta, district thirteen etc. kind of a secret-communications-and-planning-rebellions sort of thing.

idea number three → MENTORS OF THE SEVENTY FOURTH HUNGER GAMES which would involve all the victors of previous years. we would follow thg book canon with the events happening, but would obvs be able to explore more between what the mentors do and see, sponsors and what the other tributes do since we aren’t just seeing things from katniss’ eyes. and all the tributes in the quarter quell would be there acting as mentors, obvs.


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pondicusrex replied to your post: OKAY SO UM I JUST UNFOLLOWED LIKE HALF THE PEOPLE…


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